• Madam Leang Lai Yong , Housewife

    “My husband and I love the taste of active hydrogen water as it’s much smoother as compared to conventional water. The better taste of alkaline water encourages my kids to drink water more often. Overall, we feel more energetic with regular intake of active hydrogen alkaline water.
    Active hydrogen alkaline water also enhances the taste of our beverages and cooking with its better permeability (absorption) due to its small water clusters.It helps save on my food bill as I can use smaller portion of ingredients for cooking, yet bringing out their best taste in my dishes.”

  • Madam Liz Ho , owner of The Byuti , Professional Waxing Care & Academy

    “Thanks to active hydrogen alkaline water, my water dinking experience has never been the same anymore. Its better and smoother taste has encouraged me to drink more water than before. My family members get to enjoy better quality water and their health get better.
    What’s more, it also helps me to get rid of the oil-based residue that contains pesticide on fruits and vegetables, before eating or cooking. I also love the function of acidic water of H-DDI water ionizer which lets me wash my face at the right pH level for a more effective skin and facial care.”

  • Mr. Loh Tin Chee , Taxation & Consultancy Services Sdn. Bhd.

    “I’ve been suffering from acid reflux problem for about 2 years. To my surprise,after a regular intake of 2 glasses of active hydrogen alkaline water every morning and 1 glass every night for about 2 months, my acid reflux discomforts had reduced remarkably!
    After3 to 4 months of continuous intake of alkaline water, I no longer had any acid reflux discomforts and I totally stop my medication. Since then, my entire family is drinking active hydrogen alkaline water every day for the best of health.”

  • Madam Aliza Kim ,Public Speaker

    “MyLiving Water has changed my health in several ways. Most notably, the H-Water that I drink every day detoxifies and hydrates my body while the acidic water that I spray on my face as an astringent and toner purifies my pores and refreshes my skin. Shortly after installing MyLiving Water Ionizer, I began receiving compliments on my glowing skin and the soles of my feet peeled for 2-weeks leaving smooth skin where there used to be callouses and rough patches. I also followed MyLiving Water's water therapy guidelines to help solve my low blood pressure condition. Thank you to MyLiving Water for the ways that you have improved my life with your wonderful, low maintenance and affordable ionizer!”

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    Mr.Jonathan , the owner of Annie Lim Production


  • Madam Sue Lim


  • Madam Josephine Tan , Property Agent

    As regularly take lunch or dinner outside, my body condition becomes more acidic, so drinking alkaline water helps to balance my body pH.My kids like the taste of alkaline water, and now they don’t even drink from their school’s water cooler machine anymore.
    Besides that, I also use the acidic water to remove pesticides from fruits and vegetables.I also use the acidic water to wash my face helps improve my skin condition. Spraying acidic water on my face a few times a day makes me feel fresh and keep my skin moisturized. ”

  • Madam Sook Yee , Housewife

    “My daughter used to have skin allergy and eczema. We’ve tried many topical medications but they didn’t improve her skin condition. Through a friend’s recommendation, I’ve installed My Living Water H-DDI Active Hydrogen Alkaline Water Ionizer so I could use the acidic water to disinfect her skin. I spray the acidic water (pH 4.5) onto her skin a few times a day and let her shower with the acidic water.
    I also let my daughter drink the alkaline water regularly to help balance her body pH. After about 3 to 4 months, my daughter’s eczema problem has significantly reduced and her skin condition has improved tremendously!"

  • Mr. Chan Seng Nam , 74-year-old Retiree

    “I’ve been taking active hydrogen alkaline water for more than 1½ years now. After daily consumption of alkaline water for the first few months, I noticed that I feel less tiring as compared to before.
    I also like the feature of H-DDI Hybrid active hydrogen alkaline water ionizer where I can use both alkaline and acidic water simultaneously, collecting the acidic water for cleaning purpose while drinking the alkaline water — totally no wastage of water! Apart from that, I used to soak brown rice with alkaline water before cooking as it enhances the taste and fragrance of brown rice.”

  • 宝珠女士

    “我从半年前就开始饮用碱性水。比起一般的传统饮用水,我觉得碱性水口感和味道特别清纯, 所以我和家人每天喝水的次数也增加了。而且,我的孩子的健康状态也好多了,伤风感冒也减少了。”